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This is a new placeholder forum I guess??

butts, this, #placeholder, forum, guess??

Team Ice


team, #placeholder


Placeholder Forum for the HoneyBadgers E-Sports Division.

battlefield, honey, badgers, e-sports, competition, tournament, gaming, clan, competitive, honeybadgers

The /tg/ Project

A new home for /tg/ and its cohorts to post and formulate ideas concerning the Project (placeholder name).

/tg/, project, home, cohorts, post, formulate, ideas, concerning, (placeholder, name)

Free forum : Temporary Existence

Free forum : A forum as a temporary placeholder for those who are part of Ultimate Fighters Universe aka UFU since the new TN can't be hosted live yet.

free, forum, temporary, stuff, #placeholder, those, part, ultimate, fighters, universe, since, can't, hosted, live

Peter Pan Complex


peter, complex, #placeholder

Forum in progress

Free forum : Not really meant to be anything.

free, forum, #placeholder, forums, progress

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